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Signify Premium Insight: Sectra Goes in Early on Multidisciplinary AI Marketplaces with Pathology Play

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25th June, 2021 – Sectra has added digital pathology tools to its Amplifier AI marketplace. This Premium Insight explores the prospects for such a move and asks whether it will help the Swedish vendor better exploit the growing momentum for digitalisation in pathology.

Signify Premium Insight: Philips and Elekta See Promise in Partnership

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23rd June, 2021 – Philips and Elekta have announced a strengthening of their well-established partnership. Such a move will allow the two vendors to better integrate their products and offer providers a more complete package, but will it be enough to challenge Siemens Healthineers, and its Varian acquisition?

Exscientia’s $525m Funding Signals Bullish Outlook for AI in Drug Development and Clinical Trials

17th June 2021 – Signify Research examines the top four questions VC investment firms should be asking themselves before committing to an investment.

Post-COVID Telehealth in Europe – What Works for Primary Care?

17th June 2021 – Telehealth has exploded in Europe over the last 15 months. But which countries have developed an ecosystem that is primed for long-term growth?

The Mobile C-Arm is on the Move

16th June 2021 – In this insight we explore Turner Imaging Systems CE marked portable Mobile C-Arm and other devices and how this will change the location of surgeries away from hospital environments and the impact this will have on the market for existing vendors.