Signify Premium Insight: Palantir in Pole Position for NHS Deal, but Uncertainty Reigns

Published: January 19, 2023

Some time after 9 February, the winner of a £360M contract to supply NHS England with a new national data aggregation platform will be announced. For many in the industry, the result is a foregone conclusion. US data analytics firm Palantir, which has a deep (and not without controversy) footprint in the NHS, is widely tipped to clinch the five-year Federated Data Platform (FDP) deal.  

But it is not just controversy around Palantir which triggers questions about the FDP. Notably, there are striking parallels with a major regional platform roll out by Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) over the last two years. On the face of it, the FDP smacks of duplication, albeit offering aggregated data at national level.  

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