SPI Digital Health: Strength in Numbers as Patients Know Best, Induction Healthcare Team Up

Published: December 15, 2023

Late last month, UK health information exchange (HIE) and longitudinal health record (LHR) vendor Patients Know Best (PKB), along with patient engagement (PE) portal developer Induction Healthcare, announced a strategic tie-up.  

The move will see Induction Healthcare’s Zesty platform integrate with PKB’s patient LHR platform. As a result, patients using the PKB app will be able to click through to the Induction Healthcare portal and access its appointment management functions. Both the PKB and Induction Healthcare platforms are already integrated with the NHS app. In 2020, PKB was the first HIE/LHR platform to integrate with the NHS app, which is today the ecosystem facilitator for multiple vendors with APIs built to enable third-party vendors’ apps.

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