SPI Generative AI: Is Google’s Lack of Nuance a Healthcare Hindrance?

Published: February 1, 2024

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In recent months, Google has made some significant announcements pertaining to generative AI. From its Gemini foundation model, which according to the company sets new performance benchmarks, to more focused healthcare endeavours such as its MedLM packages, its AIME clinical reasoning tool and its Elixr X-ray solution. However, compared to some of its peers, it has so far gained little traction in the real world. Is this understandable? Or is Google’s approach, which epitomises the tech industry its biggest barrier to healthcare success?

The Signify View

Few companies have had as significant impact as Google. For its 25-year history the internet-age icon has helped people from across the world navigate the web’s myriad of information. The company built around its near ubiquitous search engine has helped unlock the world’s information. By making almost