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Analyst Insights

Signify Premium Insight: A Platform on Which to Build

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March 30th 2023 – The number of AI orchestration platforms has proliferated in recent years. This may make it easier for providers to incorporate AI into their imaging workflows, but, it leaves algorithm deveopers facing some tough choices.

Five Key Trends Driving Purchasing Decisions in Healthcare IT

13th March 2023 – As the healthcare industry continues to evolve and transform with providers facing increasing financial burdens and dynamic patient expectations, Signify Research has had the opportunity to speak to 100s of C-suite health IT executives and departmental decision-makers. 

Signify Premium Insight: Where AI and IT Belongs in Radiology at ECR 2023

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March 9th 2023 – Last week saw Vienna filled with radiologists as the European Congress of Radiology took place. Alongside the exhibition and demonstration of new medical imaging solutions, many IT and AI vendors were confronting similar challenges and facing common choices.

Signify Premium Insight: Tribun’s Tightrope on Canon Double Date

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March 8th 2023 – Canon Medical is expanding the capability it can offer its enterprise imaging customers, after forming a digital pathology partnership with Tribun Health. However, given Tribun’s existent partnership with GE, is the Japanese vendor about to find out that three really is a crowd?

Big Bucks Boost for Primary Care as it Seeks Scale

Cranfield, UK, 27th February 2023 – The US retail health clinic sector is expanding fast. Billions of dollars are being spent by household pharmacy names to offer primary care services to larger swathes of the population than ever. CVS Health’s acquisition this month of VBC-focused provider Oak Street Health for $10.6B is the latest big money move here, and follows its Signify Health acquisition.