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Analyst Insights

Signify Premium Insight: Perspectum’s Persuasive Value Proposition

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February 2nd 2023 – Perspectum has recently secured $36m in Series C funding. It is a figure that, compared to its peers, is surprisingly low, particularly given Perspectum’s credentials. Is there a reason for this financial modesty?

Signify Premium Insight: Bayer Acquires Blackford as Platforms Become Priority

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January 26th 2023 – Bayer announced it is acquiring AI platform provider Blackford Analysis. Bayer says it will allow Blackford to continue to operate independently, but, is this really the best option?

Signify Premium Insight: The Right Path for Fujifilm

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January 19th 2023 – Fujifilm has taken its partnership with Inspirata a step further, acquiring the vendor’s digital pathology business. It’s a sensible step, but what broader benefits is it also likely to bring?

Signify Premium Insight: When Infrastructure isn’t Enough: Google Offers Algorithms to End-Users

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January 12th 2023 – In its latest move in the medical imaging market, Google has licensed algorithms to AI vendors, Aidence and iCAD. The move gets Google’s products in customers’ hands, but are there any other benefits for the search giant?

Develop, Partner, Acquire or Avoid – Where’s Investment for Digital Pathology Headed?

12th January 2023 – Imogen Fitt of Signify Research attended the 9th Digital Pathology and AI Congress: Europe in December. In the article below she shares her thoughts on the conference with respect to recent industry discourse.