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Extensive coverage and detailed analysis of healthcare IT and genomics markets. Coverage includes clinical content management IT, imaging IT, archiving & management, digital pathology, advanced visualisation, Ai in drug development, clinical trials, radiation dose management and oncology informatics & diagnostics.

Analyst Insights

Signify Premium Insight: Resurgent But Restrained: Growing Confidence for AI in Medical Imaging

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February 27th 2024 – Signify Research’s quarterly Vendor Sentiment Index tracked the confidence levels of both AI ISVs and imaging IT vendors over the course of 2023, shedding light on how the two groups have perceived the changing AI landscape.

Signify Premium Insight: Life Science Partnerships: A Potential Lifeline for AI Vendors

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February 16th 2024 – Do two recent partnerships between medical imaging AI vendors and life sciences companies offer a ray of hope for AI vendors struggling to generate revenue and access investment in the increasingly competitive funding environment?

Signify Premium Insight: Is b-rayZ Marked for Success?

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February 13th 2024 – b-rayZ has received the CE mark for its DANAI technology, enhancing its comprehensive mammography software portfolio. Why did the company prioritise the European market, and can its bold claims about DANAI be realised?

Commercialising Imaging Data: High Risk, High Reward for Imaging IT?

12th February 2024 – Momentum has been incrementally building towards initial customer education and the nascent establishment of the market for monetizing imaging data. While this is a concept that is by no means unexplored across healthcare and life sciences, proliferation has been confined primarily to patient registries, electronic health records and insurance databases so far.

Signify Premium Insight: HeartFlow Blazes a Trail to Category I

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February 8th 2024 – The first Category I CPT code granted for an AI solution in medical imaging further cements HeartFlow’s position as one of the dominant AI players in the market. Other AI vendors must now ask what lessons can be learned.