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Analyst Insights

Signify Premium Insight: The Sun is Out – IT Vendors Must Make Hay

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June 8th 2023 – Signify Research’s recently released Imaging IT core report reveals a market offering a rare opportunity, with vendors offered a rare chance to shake-up the established order. In this Premium Insight, the report’s authors explain how this opportunity could be leveraged.

Abundant Opportunities for Growth in the Imaging IT Market

As the global pandemic fades into the periphery, investment was in full swing across many global markets, exemplified by the total imaging IT market growing to $5.2bn in 2022.

How Should Technology Vendors Help Steer the Digital Pathology Revolution?

22nd May 2023 – Digital pathology (DP) adoption is continuing to scale dramatically, with the global market reporting growth of 37.3%, 31.4% and 27.3% over the last three consecutive years. Such growth is, however, relatively new to a market which has been around for decades and only recently started to accelerate in both research and clinical domains.

Signify Premium Insight: Private Equity Firm Sets Sights on Teleradiology

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May 12th 2023 – UK teleradiology firm Medica is set to be acquired by private equity group IK Investment Partners. The move makes sense for the acquirers, with teleradiology a growing market, but what other potential does the deal hold?

Signify Premium Insight: iCAD’s Woes Require More Being Done with Less

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May 9th 2023 – iCAD has recently endured a difficult spell with poor financial results and staff lay-offs. The vendor is looking to rectify the situation with a new CEO. But, is a new leader enough to turn things around?