Hospital IT: EHR v Best-of-Breed – The Battle for Data Ownership

Published: August 16, 2022

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It can be all-too easy when looking at individual healthcare markets to forget that they reside within a larger, more complex ecosystem. For example, whilst non-invasive cardiology and radiology may seem on the surface to be unconnected, increasingly these two disciplines are starting to converge.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) are another good example , as several enterprise EHR vendors are expanding to include a variety of clinical software markets, in a bid to provide additional value to prospective customers.

In some markets, even start-ups are having an increasingly cannibalistic impact on previously well-established vendors. A prominent example of this is occurring within the pathology department, as digital pathology image management vendors slowly continue to incorporate functionalities normally housed within laboratory information systems.

The heterogeneity within these trends is complex and varies across geographical markets dependent on  individual market characteristics. Economics, legislative changes, payer influence  and individual practitioner preferences can each have a substantive market impact.

But the overarching trend is clear: Hospital IT is currently witnessing a battle on multiple fronts as EHR giants seek to broaden their scope, and poach business from Best of Breed (BoB) clinical specialists.

With expertise and dedicated reports available across a broad range of hospital IT markets, Signify Research is uniquely positioned to provide commentary on this trends.

In this downloadable PDF analysis, Signify Research examines the ongoing battle between EHR and BoB vendors within clinical IT markets, and explains the wider opportunities available to the ‘winners’ of this market battle.    

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