Signify Premium Insight: A Change in Outlook for AI Vendors

Published: October 12, 2023

As summer in the northern hemisphere ended, and autumn began, many AI vendors and imaging IT companies will have renewed their focus on RSNA and the coming year.

In doing so, many of these vendors will have deeply considered the opportunities, risks and challenges for the future, with the conclusions of these considerations used to inform their coming strategies. These conclusions also form the basis of Signify Research’s Vendor Sentiment Index, which assesses how confident vendors are in securing pilot sites and commercial sites, and how confident they are in the overall market outlook over the coming quarter and the coming year, with research gathered in Q3 2023. Such opinions are telling, with vendors participating in a maturing market, where providers are increasingly looking to incorporate AI into their workflows, whilst also dealing with economic volatility, staff shortages and other challenges. This mix left, in some cases, unprecedented findings.

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