Signify Premium Insight: Aidoc’s Platform Partners Show the Way Ahead

Published: November 2, 2021

Aidoc has continued to forge partnerships to expand its coverage of radiological specialities, and last week added ScreenPoint Medical to its roster. The collaboration will see the mammography AI vendor’s toolset added into Aidoc’s platform, allowing breast imaging specialists to access its capability within the existing workflow.

Aidoc has been increasingly utilising partnerships to complement its own AI tools and expand the capability it offers its customers. The addition of ScreenPoint to Aidoc’s stable will mean that the Israeli vendor’s customers will now be able to utilise ScreenPoint’s Transpara breast decision support solution, alongside solutions from its other partners, which include Imbio, icometrix, and Riverain Technologies for pulmonary embolism, stroke care, and lung cancer respectively.

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