Signify Premium Insight: Big Deals and Long-Term Thinking; The Sectra Approach

Published: September 13, 2023

In August, Sectra signed an enterprise imaging contract with a major US health system. The deal will see the Swedish vendor’s One Cloud subscription service for diagnostic imaging being used to care for the provider’s “multi-million strong” patient community.

Initially the 10-year deal, which is worth up to $227m, will be centred around radiology, but will likely grow to incorporate pathology, cardiology and orthopaedics (components which are additional to the $227m deal fee). Under the contract, Sectra will be the sole imaging IT provider for the healthcare provider, overseeing and delivering an end-to-end infrastructure under a fully managed SaaS arrangement, and comes on the back of Sectra’s previously implemented ophthalmology solution.

Such a large deal highlights Sectra’s ability to win big, but, does bigger always mean better?

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