Signify Premium Insight: Futures for the Faithful – Vendor Sentiment Index Q3

Published: October 12, 2022

As a young and quickly evolving segment of medical imaging, the AI market is more liable than most to be buffeted by both global headwinds and localised eddies. Amidst these challenges, which include inflationary pressures, the risk of faltering economies and stretched healthcare systems, there are also reasons to be optimistic.

The challenges that providers are facing such as staff shortages and huge backlogs of patients may give impetus to adopt new technologies, while regulatory clearances, investor backing, and greater availability of reimbursement highlight the growing regard in which the nascent market is held. Whether vendors themselves are confident in these opportunities is another matter, one which is explored in the latest Vendor Sentiment Index survey, a key deliverable of Signify Research’s AI in Medical Imaging Market Intelligence Service.

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