Signify Premium Insight: In Contrast to Convention, Guerbet Bets on Intrasense

Published: January 31, 2023

Guerbet is expanding its efforts in medical imaging AI, with the announcement that it is taking a 39% stake in imaging software specialist Intrasense, with a future option of acquiring the French company.

The move grants Guerbet access to its investee’s AI platform and Advanced Visualisation (AV) tools, as well as Intrasense’s staff. This will help Guerbet bring its own AI tools, the solutions is has acquired from its partnership with Merative (formerly IBM), into clinical use, while also granting the smaller vendor access to Guerbet’s sizable customer base, helping the software specialist to scale.

Guerbet’s decision emphasises the fact that contrast agent manufacturers could become one of the most powerful forces in the uptake of medical imaging AI. But how does the French vendor’s move compare to that of its German competitor Bayer, which has also recently made a platform push with its acquisition of Blackford Analysis.

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