Signify Premium Insight: Intelerad Acquires LumedX – Now the Work Begins

Published: February 25, 2021

News broke last week that imaging IT vendor Intelerad has acquired LumedX, a prominent CVIS and clinical data analytics firm. This was the latest of a rapid-fire acquisition streak from Intelerad, occurring a little over a year from a majority stake in Intelerad being acquired by Hg Capital. Below we analyse the implications of the acquisition for the firms and postulate to the drivers and market context that have led to the deal.

Market fundamentals

The radiology IT market, both in North America and internationally, has been fragmented and competitive for many years. Major incumbent vendors with substantial imaging modality business have held the lions’ share of the installed base for radiology PACS, RIS and advanced visualisation software. However, this departmental focus has come under increasing pressure in recent years as healthcare providers have moved towards a more encompassing imaging informatics strategy, to support image management and access across the healthcare provider networks known as enterprise imaging. In the USA especially, the roll out of hospital wide EMR systems has been a precursor to this trend.

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