Signify Premium Insight: Just Because You’re Paranoid… Confidence and Competence in Medical Imaging AI

Published: April 4, 2023

There is sometimes a fine line between confidence and delusion. Treading this fine line is one of the perpetual considerations of vendors seeking success in medical imaging AI. Confidence is necessary for any vendor trying to make inroads in a young market, after all, if a vendor is not confident about its own prospects, how can potential customers and partners be expected to ever rely on it?

This optimism can, however, sometimes verge into delusion. A vendor may have some modicum of academic triumph and glibly convince itself that it will translate to commercial success, a vendor may likewise fool itself into thinking commercial deployments are in the bag once pilot deployments are secured. Another, more basic error is to assume that the extent of a vendors’ efforts, and the technical sophistication of its solution, directly correlate to its utility.

The Signify View

Such considerations are particularly pertinent at present. One of the deliverables in Signify Research’s AI in Medical Imaging Service is its quarterly Vendor Sentiment Index (VSI). This research quantifies the confidence levels of both independent software vendors and imaging IT vendors offering AI solutions over the coming quarter and the coming 12 months. In the latest edition of the survey, which quizzed vendors for their outlook for Q2 (April to June), confidence levels were high.

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