Signify Premium Insight: Rads to Take the Lead in Visage’s Videos

Published: December 7, 2021

The role of the radiologist has always been conceptually very simple. While the profession requires a great deal of knowledge, skill and insight, radiologists are fundamentally tasked with interpreting medical images and passing their findings on to other physicians. If Visage’s new feature gains traction, this job could undergo an essential change and radiologists may also be charged with explaining their findings directly to patients. Forcing radiologists away from the learned language of radiology, and the comfort of its specificity and clarity may prove difficult for some. This reshaping of a radiologist’s role and the challenges it presents, is not necessarily a problem for Visage and the providers that it will serve, but that is also dependent on how much of a difference the additional feature makes. The development of the video reporting concept was made in partnership with a specific customer, NYU Langone, but now Visage believes it is viable in other customer settings. Several vendors in different areas are focusing on improving patient engagement. In doing so, and by keeping patients more involved in their treatment, they hope that patients can be more invested in their own care, avoiding

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