Signify Premium Insight: Teleradiology’s AI Aspirations

Published: April 27, 2021

“Artificial intelligence will transform the diagnostic imaging and radiology industry,” insisted RadNet chairman and chief executive Dr. Howard Berger in his company’s statement announcing its acquisition of AI-specialist DeepHealth in March 2020. This sentiment is far from unique, and there are many AI-evangelists sharing similar opinions, but it is notable that the comment came from the chief of one of the biggest providers of outpatient imaging in the United States. As well as operating imaging centres, RadNet also affiliates with over 700 radiologists to offer radiology services, and in a recent investor presentation, it reported that it spends almost 20% of its net revenue on the radiologist interpretation of its images. This significant cost associated with the interpretation of medical images by radiologists is one of the reasons that companies that depend most heavily on these doctors, such as outpatient imaging centres and teleradiology groups, could be among those that benefit most from the advantages brought about by AI.

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