Signify Premium Insight: Terarecon, Pixeon and the Latin American Market

Published: April 6, 2021

In March, TeraRecon announced a new strategic move to allow it to better target the Latin American medical imaging market. The American vendor, which specialises in AV and AI software revealed that it was partnering with EMR and PACS provider Pixeon in the Brazilian market.

The partnership will see TeraRecon’s AV solution, Intuition Titanium, integrated within Pixeon’s Aurora PACS, bringing imaging analysis tools and optimised workflows, to Pixeon’s customers. This deal is somewhat unusual because it sees an imaging analysis specialist vendor partnering with a primarily EMR vendor with PACS capability, rather than the more common agreements which see AI and AV vendors partnering with dedicated PACS vendors. TeraRecon is hoping that this novel approach will enable it to leverage the reach of a reasonably large EMR vendor to gain ground in a large, yet volatile, potential growth market.

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