Signify Premium Insight: The NHS Looks to Foster AI Care with Capital Injections

Published: July 6, 2023

Late June saw the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) given a £21m boost to facilitate the adoption of AI technology across its hospitals. The funding, announced by the country’s Department of Health and Social Care, will be available for NHS Trusts to bid for, to help accelerate the deployment of AI solutions which promise to improve their ability to give care. The initiative will focus on significant health burdens, with stroke care, cancers and heart conditions specifically mentioned by the department. The funding will add to the £123m already invested into AI technologies targeting improvements within the NHS and will help ensure that all stroke networks have access to AI tools by the end of 2023.

 The Signify View

AI solutions have been providing increasing clinical value and subsequently enjoying increased adoption in recent years. The NHS efforts to capitalise on this progress have increased over recent months, with, first, the announcement of the development of a bespoke AI platform for the health

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