Signify Premium Insight: The Potential of Platforms: Blackford and Enlitic Join Forces

Published: November 9, 2023

AI orchestration platform vendor Blackford has recently announced a partnership with Enlitic. By forging an agreement with the data standardisation specialist, Blackford will be able to integrate Enlitic’s data standardisation solution, dubbed Endex, into its AI platform.

The collaboration seeks to solve one of the ongoing challenges slowing medical imaging AI from reaching its full potential; namely, the lack of standardisation of medical imaging data. The partnership therefore aims to help on this front, overcoming challenges related to interoperability, data fragmentation and data quality, and thereby enabling doctors to work more efficiently, and providers to treat patients more effectively.

Enlitic joins Blackford’s host of AI partners, but, does its data curation specialism, rather than clinical focus, suggest a different approach is on the cards?

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