Signify Premium Insight: What Signify Premium Insights Expects in 2023: Medical Imaging IT and AI

Published: January 5, 2023

Belts loosened after holiday indulgence, aspirin taken after 2023 was welcomed, and seasonal stupor cast off as medical imaging vendors’ teams return to their desks. With the new year underway, key stakeholders of the imaging industry will put their plans for 2023 into action, putting the most damaging effects of Covid further behind them, and looking to instead overcome new challenges including spiraling inflation in many markets, exorbitant energy prices and personnel shortages at providers.

As well as broader trends in the wider world, there will also be a continuation of trends in medical imaging IT and AI. Cloud adoption, for example, will continue to grow in utilisation across markets such as the US, as well as in reputation, with vendors and providers alike cementing in their plans for the technology over the coming years. Similarly, the use of AI tools will increase in some markets as regulation and reimbursement become increasingly available.

There are, however, other, more specific trends expected in 2023.

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