Signify Premium Insight: What to Expect at RSNA: Medical Imaging IT and AI

Published: November 1, 2023

Co-authored by Ellie Baker

Providing healthcare is difficult. Between macroeconomic unpredictability, staff shortages, unprecedented demand for imaging services and the changing settings for care delivery, hospitals face a multitude of challenges.

There are an increasing array of digital technologies, tools and strategies that are becoming available to ameliorate these challenges, although how they can be best implemented is not always clear. In some instances, as is the case for cloud adoption, many of the pieces are being laid to create the foundation for widespread uptake. In these cases, providers and vendors together are undertaking the laborious process of addressing the needs of individual hospitals and health systems to facilitate greater, mainstream adoption.

In other cases, however, imaging IT and AI vendors have more specific priorities. RSNA, coming up in a month’s time, will be a chance for vendors to show their progress on these fronts.

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