Medical Imaging

Market intelligence and detailed insights on the imaging modality hardware markets including ultrasound, general radiography & fluoroscopy, breast imaging, MRI and CT


General Radiography and Fluoroscopy – World – 2018

An in-depth look at the global general radiography and fluoroscopy markets. This report covers analogue, CR and DR systems (including retrofit), segmented to a country level, with forecasts to 2022.

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Breast Imaging – World Market – 2018

A complete overview of the breast imaging market, covering both hardware and software to highlight the interplay of the three technologies: MRI, mammography and ultrasound, broken out at a country level.

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Machine Learning in Medical Imaging – World – 2018

The second edition will provide a complete refresh of the market data to show how the market has progressed, alongside many new features such as the inclusion of Workflow & Reporting Tools.

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Ultrasound Equipment – World – 2017

Analysis of the market from an Analyst team with extensive industry experience. The report assesses the key clinical markets, the product mix, regional variations, competitive landscape & key growth drivers.  

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Machine Learning in Medical Imaging – World – 2017

An assessment of the market for medical image analysis software using machine learning. It quantifies the market for four products: CADe solutions, quantitative image analysis tools, decision support tools and CADx solutions

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Analyst Insights

The Next Frontier – Medical Imaging AI in the Age of Edge Computing

Edge computing is being heralded as the next major revolution in computing. But how will it impact medical imaging and the uptake of AI?

Analogic Sold to Altaris

We dig into the sale and provide our view on the deal, the challenges of the past and what lies ahead for the ultrasound and medical imaging market.

Signify Research Analyst Insights from ECR Today 2018

As well as attending the ECR show in Vienna, Signify Research analysts also provided a daily column for the Congress Newspaper – ECR Today. Click here to read our articles.

ECR 2018 Post Show Report

This show report presents the views from Signify Research’s analyst team attending the ECR 2018 show in Vienna, Austria.

AI at ECR – Key Takeaways

Our take on the main trends from the medical imaging AI solutions on show at ECR 2018.