Medical Imaging

Market intelligence and detailed insights on the imaging modality hardware markets including ultrasound, general radiography & fluoroscopy, breast imaging, MRI and CT


Interventional & Surgical X-ray Equipment - World - 2020

This is a research proposal for a new Market Report on Interventional and Surgical X-ray Equipment.

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Machine Learning in Medical Imaging Service - 2021

This Market Intelligence Service provides regular data, insights and analysis on the global market opportunity for AI-based medical image analysis.

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Machine Learning in Medical Imaging – World Market Anaysis 2020

The third edition of our highly detailed, data-centric analysis of the world market for AI-based image analysis tools.  

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Ultrasound Equipment – World Market – 2020

Analysis of the market from an Analyst team with extensive industry experience. The report assesses the key clinical markets, the product mix, regional variations, competitive landscape & key growth drivers.

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Machine Learning in Medical Imaging Service - 2020

The Machine Learning in Medical Imaging market intelligence service is an annual subscription that provides, reports, databases, presentation, briefings and insights on the world market for AI-based image analysis.

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Breast Imaging - World Market - 2019

A complete overview of the breast imaging market, covering both hardware and software to highlight the interplay of the three technologies: MRI, mammography and ultrasound, broken out at a country level.

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Analyst Insights

AI in Medical Imaging to Reach $1.5 Billion by 2024

9th September 2020 – The world market for AI-based clinical applications used in medical imaging is set to reach almost $1.5 billion by 2024 despite a slower-than-expected uptake of these products, and the impact of COVID-19.

Analysis of Siemens’ Acquisition of Varian – The Signify View

06th August 2020 – Siemens Healthineers & Varian Medical announce $16.4B deal in all-cash transaction on 2nd August 2020. Click here to read the Signify View

COVID 19: World Healthcare Technology Market Impact Analysis

12th June 2020 – Download our analysis of COVID-19’s impact on healthcare technology markets.

TeraRecon Acquired by SymphonyAI – The Signify View

6th March 2020 – TeraRecon has announced it had signed an agreement to be acquired by the SymphonyAI Group. Here’s the Signify View

Capital Funding for Diagnostic Ultrasound Companies Normalises After 2018 Spike

27th February 2020 – Capital investment in diagnostic ultrasound companies reached a record breaking $390 million in 2018. Here’s our analysis of how this developed in 2019.