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Market intelligence and detailed insights on the imaging modality hardware markets including ultrasound, general radiography & fluoroscopy, breast imaging, MRI, CT and X-ray.

Analyst Insights

Signify Premium Insight: Screening Could Start Sooner Under USPSTF Guidelines

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June 7th 2023 – Last month the USPSTF revised its guidance to recommend that the age at which women in the US start mammography screening should be lowered from 50 to 40. The move could help some women, but can vendors help the additional demand to be met?

Signify Premium Insight: MediView Set to Augment Surgeons with $15m Funding

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June 1st 2023 – MediView hopes to augment surgeons with its OmnifyXR platform are given a boost by funding from such well regarded names as GE HealthCare, Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. But, will this be enough for the vendor to succeed?

Signify Premium Insight: Vendor Financials Round-up – The Health of the Imaging Sector Q1 2023

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May 30th 2023 – Headwinds still blow, but many of the most volatile factors impacting the prospects of medical imaging vendors abated in 2023’s first quarter. There are, however, still challenges looming on the horizon.

Signify Premium Insight: Clarius Encourages its Customers to Speak Up

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May 25th 2023 – Clarius, like other handheld ultrasound vendors, is focused on generating revenues through the sale of affordable devices. Can adding features like voice control help it achieve this aim?

Signify Premium Insight: Ultromics’ AI Heart Breakthrough

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May 23rd 2023 – Ultromics has been granted Breakthrough Device Status for its artificial intelligence platform for cardiac amyloidosis detection. It could herald a lucrative move for the vendor, but it could also have a wider impact.