Signify Premium Insight: COVID-19 Impact on the X-ray market

Published: February 2, 2021

The impact of COVID-19 on the X-ray market varied significantly across different modalities depending on their necessity in COVID-19 diagnosis. Mobile digital radiography (DR) systems continue to be at the forefront in providing an initial screening for pneumonia, a more progressive stage of severe cases of COVID-19. Mobile DR imaging has several benefits, including offering quicker and less costly imaging services than computed tomography (CT). Meanwhile, use of X-ray equipment in image guided therapy has endured a double-digit decline in 2020, with non-critical and elective procedures being postponed or cancelled. In addition, the higher investment required for interventional X-ray systems, drove funds to be diverted to medical devices critical to the treatment or diagnosis of COVID-19. Overall, the X-ray market declined in 2020 as the higher-end and more expensive X-ray modalities endured weaker demand.

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