Signify Premium Insight: 4DMedical’s Dedicated Focus in Medical Imaging

Published: April 20, 2021

One of the underlying trends in medical imaging markets is the increasing adoption of shared service systems. Most MRI and CT scanners are used on a shared service basis, and in ultrasound, for example, many systems can do multiple exam types across general imaging, women’s health and cardiology.  This trend is also evident in the X-ray market, with radiographic fluoroscopy (R/F) systems serving multiple imaging roles and negating the need for dedicated fluoroscopy rooms.

Some vendors are bucking this trend, however, and are instead developing technologies and products that fulfil specific niches, in which they see significant potential demand or can solve very specific clinical problems. One vendor which falls into this category is Australian firm 4DMedical, which has recently been awarded US$28.9m by the Australian government to fuel the development of its lung scanning technology, including the XVD lung function scanner. The system, which is to be rolled out in two generations, aims to offer higher levels of detail and greater accuracy than the existing modalities used to assess a patient’s lungs. The second

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