Signify Premium Insight: Adaptix Plans to Disrupt the Point of Care X-ray Market

Published: March 24, 2021

At ECR 2021, Adaptix debuted its industry-first point of care, desktop orthopaedic X-ray imaging system, capable of producing 3D images at a low price point and at low radiation dose levels, comparable to a 2D system. Adaptix has CE and FDA filings planned for Q3 2021. The 3D images are created using proprietary technology, including a flat panel array encompassing 45 separately controlled cold cathode field X-ray emitters firing X-rays from a range of angles to produce image depth via tomosynthesis. With the array of emitters all taking images in rapid succession, the total scan time to obtain an image is reduced by up to 12 seconds compared to traditional 2D imaging. The 3D image then is created by overlaying the processed images, akin to a CT scan, within a time frame of 90 seconds. The 3D imaging device can use a standard plug socket for its power supply, as opposed to transformers or adapters, increasing portability and adaptability for use outside of conventional radiology centres.

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