Signify Premium Insight – Butterfly Network plans to pump up the volume with NYSE listing

Published: November 26, 2020

Co-authored by Simon Harris

Butterfly Network has proffered some bullish revenue forecasts to potential investors as the handheld ultrasound vendor announces its plans for New York Stock Exchange listing.

The start-up has revealed that it will go public through a merger with Longview Acquisition Corp, and has said it expects to have more than $580m in cash after the deal closes.

Vendor Impact

  • The diagnostic limitations of Butterfly’s iQ scanner will restrict its growth potential in the traditional ultrasound markets and it will need to open-up new market segments to achieve its growth targets. This will be a costly and lengthy process.
  • Volume is key. If Butterfly Network cannot increase volumes, the cost savings from its semiconductor-based probe technology and the ability to generate revenue from
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