Signify Premium Insight: DeepSight’s $25m Bill for Ultrasound Disruption

Published: November 16, 2021

The ending of several years of stability in the ultrasound market arrived with the dawning of a new age of innovation in the handheld segment. Butterfly Network was among the highest profile of these innovators, as it sought to use a combination of proprietary sensor technology, novel payment models, and integrated software to offer a new approach to handheld ultrasound. As well as increasingly encouraging the use of ultrasound as a supplementary diagnostic device in new clinical settings, Butterfly Network was among the vendors at the forefront of a wave of innovation. This disruption not only placed Butterfly Network among the market leaders, it also trod a path for other, similar vendors to follow. Now the handheld segment has blossomed, and there is an abundance of different products, from both established, broadline ultrasound companies and challenger vendors specialising in the handheld market, using innovative new technologies and targeting different niches.

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