Signify Premium Insight: Empowering Patients and Riling Radiologists – SimonMed’s MRI Play

Published: July 4, 2023

SimonMed Imaging, one of the United States’ largest outpatient medical imaging providers, recently announced the launch of direct-to-patient whole-body MRI screening service. The new service, named simonONE, is intended to help facilitate the early detection of cancer and other diseases through a whole-body scan. The service starts at $650, for which price patients receive an MRI scan and radiologist-reviewed report, or, for $1,250, additional AI-enhanced liver, prostate and female reproductive imaging tools are used to supplement the report. In addition, patients can also opt for a ‘Fitness’ scan add on for $500, which assesses body composition and metabolic health.

SimonMed is not the first provider to offer MRI scans directly to patients, but given its scale and use of AI, could it be the provider that makes the practice mainstream?

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