Signify Premium Insight: Exo Focuses on Ultrasound Acquisition with

Published: August 2, 2022

Last week, Exo made headlines in the blossoming handheld ultrasound segment by announcing the acquisition of AI specialist, MEDO. The deal seeks to make Exo’s as-yet unreleased handheld ultrasound system easier to use, and therefore accessible to a wider range of professionals.

MEDO’s Sweep AI solution achieves this by automating parts of the ultrasound image capture and interpretation workflows, which, according to the vendor, lowers the level of expertise required to diagnose common and critical conditions.

As well as gaining Sweep AI, Exo will also pick up MEDO’s two US-FDA-approved AI algorithms, one for hip dysplasia screening and one for thyroid imaging, and its library of millions of ultrasound images and longitudinal health data.

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