Signify Premium Insight: Hisense Hoping for Good Reception

Published: April 25, 2023

The consumerisation of healthcare and the technology upon which it relies is one of the most talked about trends in medical imaging. It is, after all, targeting an enormous potential market. There have been some small successes, in handheld ultrasound, for example. Some vendors’ ambitions of patients investing in their own medical imaging system in order to monitor their own health conditions, as they would a blood pressure monitor, remain a distant ambition. However, there are instances, such as that spearheaded by Pulsenmore, which see patients, under the supervision of professionals, conduct scans on themselves at home, a step, if not a leap in the general direction.

It has been rarer for companies to hold ambitions to move in the opposite direction. One Chinese vendor, however, is attempting such a transition.

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