Signify Premium Insight: The Key Releases of ECR 2021

Published: March 19, 2021

The transition of events and meetings online is no longer a novelty. Organisers of these events have had as much as a year to generate and refine their ideas in order to produce polished, professional experiences for individuals and vendors which have, in most cases, been unable to meet face to face since the RSNA meeting in 2019.

On this count, the European Congress of Radiology proved a success, giving virtual attendees a useful experience while giving vendors a quality platform to promote their products. In fact, for some vendors the online show may have even been preferable. For smaller vendors with less resources, the online format may actually have been beneficial, allowing them to participate in the virtual exhibition, and hold conversations about their offering, without the usual expense associated with in-person conferences. Similarly, for vendors from further afield, the lack of transport time and cost made it easier for a broader range of representatives to virtually attend, with, for example, the key personnel of some Chinese vendors having a greater presence than they might otherwise.

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