Signify Premium Insight: Philips Forms Partnership with Quibim for Prostate Care

Published: November 7, 2023

Philips recently announced it had partnered with biomarker specialist Quibim to take advantage of the vendor’s AI-based imaging and reporting solutions for MRI prostate exams.

The partners hope the move will help clinicians deliver personalised cancer care more quickly, and more effectively, mitigating the impact of staff shortages and lowering the long-term cost of cancer care for providers.

By partnering, Quibim’s AI-based QP-Prostate solution can be integrated into Philip’s MRI systems to automate real-time prostate gland segmentation to give doctors clinically useful insights, and alongside Philips own digital tools, support diagnosis.

The agreement comes as leading medical imaging vendors increasingly focus on solutions specific to dedicated clinical areas, and are looking to leverage digital tools, whether natively developed or through partnerships, to meet these needs.

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