Signify Premium Insight: The Puzzles of Partnerships – Ultromics & Caption Health Combine

Published: November 30, 2021

As Butterfly Network, and other handheld ultrasound vendors seek growth, they are casting their eyes away from established imaging markets and radiology departments and targeting new customers. These companies are looking to introduce ultrasound into both new geographies and to new clinical settings. In doing so, these handheld systems will, for many users represent their first-time using ultrasound, or indeed, any medical imaging system at all.

These new users require support and guidance, vendors and providers have a role in providing this market education, but AI tools can also play their part, helping inexperienced users capture and interpret diagnostic images. This, as Signify Research wrote in August, was the rationale behind Butterfly Network’s partnership with Caption Health. However, given that ultrasound is much more of a ‘real-time’ modality, than others whose images are typically reviewed after

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