Signify Premium Insight: Q4 Vendor Financials Round-Up – A Firm Footing and the Stability it Demands

Published: February 28, 2023

As medical imaging vendors headed into 2023, there was considerable change afoot. Aside from the broader healthcare challenges that beset providers such as a shortage of physicians, staff burnout and the backlog of elective procedures resulting from the Covid pandemic, vendors also had their own specific strategic goals.

For some, this meant difficult times ahead, with sizable staff lay-offs; for others the focus was on new opportunities, with GE HealthCare spinning out of the broader GE conglomerate; others still had to address challenges beyond their control, with supply chain and logistics issues all playing their part. Despite these differing priorities, vendors’ financial performances were, overall, positive in Q4 2022, albeit with some very dark clouds on the horizon.

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