Signify Premium Insight: The Questions that Nanox Would Rather Not Answer

Published: June 1, 2022

It is easy, and very often unfair, to take an innocuous moment and bestow it with undue significance, but on occasion, for those scrutinising a company’s strategy, those moments are hard to resist. So it was during the analyst call for Nanox’s first quarter results. As the Q&A portion of the call began, the first question pertained to the expected timeframe for the regulatory approval of the vendor’s key, multisource scanner. The device around which the company’s entire business is hung.

“For some reason I can’t hear you” came the response from Nanox CEO Erez Meltzer.

The question was asked again.

“I can’t hear for some reason” Meltzer repeated, “There’s a lot of noise in the background.”

“Can you repeat the question?”

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