Signify Premium Insight: Ultrasound – It’s Coming Home

Published: October 8, 2020


For all the changes in medicine there are some things that seem resolutely stable. Chief among these is the idea that sick people go to doctors’ surgeries or hospitals to be diagnosed and treated. This, the simplest of healthcare tenets, could however begin to be challenged, as one area of imaging begins to be freed. 

As identified in Signify Research’s recently published Ultrasound Equipment – World Market Report, the handheld ultrasound market is developing at a rapid pace, but does this growth herald an era of ultrasound at home? 

Vendor Impact 

  • New users driving growth, so vendors can’t depend on existent market share 
  • To succeed in the handheld ultrasound marketvendors must facilitate inexperienced users 
  • Vendors must prove continued value post Covid 
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