Signify Premium Insight: Ultrasound Untethered: GE’s Wireless Vscan Air

Published: March 26, 2021

The handheld product category is one of the fastest growing parts of the overall ultrasound market. Spurred on by offerings from both large, established vendors such as Philips, Sonosite and GE, and specialist outfits such as Butterfly Network, Vave Health and Clarius Mobile Health, the handheld ultrasound market has been performing strongly for several years. In Signify Research’s 2020 Ultrasound Equipment report, the market was estimated to have grown by almost 40% in 2019. In 2020, this growth has been boosted (albeit temporarily) further by the Covid pandemic, with handheld ultrasound being used as a frontline diagnostic tool. This is the market into which GE has launched its latest Vscan handheld scanner, the wireless Vscan Air.

Vendor Impact

  • Competition in the handheld ultrasound market is heating-up and with more new entrants expected in the coming years, it will only further intensify.


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