Signify Premium Insight: Vendor Financials Roundup – The Health of the Sector

Published: February 23, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic dramatically impacted every facet of healthcare in 2020. In many parts of the world providers were forced to rapidly reallocate resources to deal with an unprecedented influx of patients in some departments, while other parts of hospitals were left entirely unused as elective procedures were postponed. This disruption was also keenly felt for healthcare technology vendors, which had to adapt to this changing demand and meet suddenly increased orders for some products, while coping with plummeting sales of others. The details of this narrative are captured in the financial reports of these vendors, which, when considered in unison reveal several interesting trends for the medical imaging sector.

Product Mix Was Key

With providers’ attention for much of the year focused almost exclusively on Covid care, diagnostic imaging modalities which were used in the diagnosis of COVID-19, such as CT and mobile direct radiography were naturally in high demand. Conversely, modalities more

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