Signify Premium Insight: “What Customers Want Are Solutions that Make Their Work Easier” – The Key Trends in Ultrasound AI

Published: May 31, 2022

Medical imaging AI is a young but rapidly developing market. Vendors have taken great strides in developing, testing and commercialising solutions which are, in many cases being implemented and adopted. These trends are detailed in Signify Research’s AI in Medical Imaging Service. However, while many of the currents of the medical imaging AI market are widely applicable, there are specifics that make the market for ultrasound AI unique.

Chief among these, explained Signify Research Market Analyst Mustafa Hassan, who authored the Ultrasound AI report, the first deliverable in Signify’s Ultrasound Market Intelligence Service – World – 2022¸ is the fact that ultrasound AI needs to be applied in real time when obtaining ultrasound images. “In many ways it’s more challenging to develop AI solutions for ultrasound, as solutions for image capture need to be applied as a user is obtaining the images, rather than being used for analysis after acquisition as is the case for most modalities. Such post-acquisition analysis solutions, in ultrasound as well as other modalities, can often be simpler to develop.

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