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Top MRI Trends Include Helium-Free Systems, Compressed Sensing and AI

3rd November 2022 – Featuring Bhvita Jani – Featured on Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is seeing wider use based on rising demand for higher quality advanced imaging, and the development of new technologies are making it easier to use while also reducing exam times. As we head into the Radiological Society of North America 2022 meeting, Health […]

Will 2023 be the Year of Digital Pathology for US Labs?

2nd November 2022 – Written by Imogen Fitt – Featured on In this digital age it may come as a surprise that in one of the most advanced healthcare markets in the world, primary pathological diagnosis remains conducted by pathologists peering down the lens of a microscope. Especially now, when artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and advanced […]

Fixed Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy See Market Growth

2nd November 2022 – Written by Bhvita Jani and Graham Cooke – Featured on Strong revenue recovery of 15% for fixed digital radiography in 2021, while fluoroscopy grew by 18% year-on-year. The fixed digital radiography (DR) rooms market experienced strong growth in 2021, with 15% growth in revenue reported, with revenues estimated at $1.2 billion. Likewise, […]

Trends and New Technology in Computed Tomography Systems

1st November 2022 – Featuring Bhvita Jani – Featured on Heading into the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2022 meeting, Health Imaging sat down with Signify Research to find out what the key trends and new technologies are in the computed tomography market. Bhvita Jani, research manager at Signify Research, discusses some of the new technologies to watch for […]

VIDEO: CT imaging market trends and advances overview by Signify Research

1st November 2022 – Contribution by Bhvita Jani – Featured on In the video Bhvita Jani, research manager, Signify Research, explains key trends and technology advances in the computed tomography (CT) market. She discusses some of the new technologies and trends to watch in CT and on the expo floor of the annual Radiological Society of North America […]