Circle Square Digital Health Trends – June 2022

Published: July 6, 2022

6th July 2022 – Contribution by Imogen Fitt – Featured in Circle Square Digital Health Trends June Newsletter.

Page 7 … Four options for growth for laboratory system vendors

Option 1: Acquire the competition. Dedalus is the prime example of this, having most recently acquired a Germany company (OSM) to solidify its position in the DACH region.

Option 2: Focus on growing laboratory segments. Opportunities include genetics-based LIS software or patient engagement add-ons. Both are growing quickly and enable labs to retain
the specialization they are renowned for, while also expanding and improving offered services.

Option 3: Ally with another product sector. EHR/HIS partnership: A&T in Japan partnered with major HIS vendors Leverage other clinical IT portfolio assets: Citadel Health’s entry into the
UK market via the acquisition of domestic RIS vendor Wellbeing Software. Leverage wider lab portfolio: Larger reagent and lab equipment providers like Sysmex or Werfen provide LIS bundled with other lab equipment.

Option 4: Diversify out of healthcare. Expand into laboratory information management systems used across multiple industries, e.g., CliniSys acquisition of both HORIZON Lab Systems and ApolloLIMS.

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