Circle Square Digital Health Trends – October 2022

Published: November 3, 2022

3rd November 2022 – Contribution by Amy Thompson and Arun Gill – Featured in Circle Square Digital Health Highlights October Newsletter.

Outpatient imaging and teleradiology is changing the market dynamics in the US

Shifting market.

The healthcare market is witnessing a dynamic shift in how and where patients want to receive care, with the flexibility and convenience of outpatient settings driving a greater utilization of outpatient imaging and teleradiology services, a trend most prevalent in the US market.

Growth opportunities.

Impacting both image acquisition, image reading, and services, this has led to market growth and vendor opportunities within traditional outpatient imaging providers, such as imaging centers and radiology reading groups, as well as teleradiology groups.

Diversification and specialization.

Providers are increasingly diversifying their product and service portfolio, offering sub-specialization in areas such as neurology, mammography, and oncology, or advanced imaging services, including PET, MRI, and CT.

Market growth encourages teleradiology.

The utilization of CT and MRI is forecast to grow from 21% share of overall US diagnostic imaging procedures in 2021, to 23% in 2026. In absolute terms, this translates to volume growth of 6% (CAGR), significantly outpacing the growth of other modalities, especially X-ray (+2%

Who is ready to capitalize?

Outpatient providers, including teleradiology groups, offer acute providers accessibility to sub-specialists, alongside the utilization of technology that drives greater productivity within an organisation. For teleradiology groups, ensuring they have the radiologist capacity and technology in place will be essential to capitalize on the opportunity for robust market growth.

Editorial: Signify Research, UK-based global digital health research firm, shares its insights on the changing imaging market, particularly in the US, with opportunities for outpatient providers
and teleradiology groups as demand outpaces supply. For those with a deeper interest, check out the report brochure, linked below.

Source: Signify Research Insight: ‘Outpatient Imaging and Teleradiology Changing the Market Dynamic in the US’

Report Brochure:  Imaging IT for Outpatient Settings – World – 2022

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