Circle Square Digital Health Trends – October 2022

Published: November 3, 2022

3rd November 2022 – Contribution by Kelly Patrick and Gareth Jones – Featured in Circle Square Digital Health Highlights October Newsletter.

AliveCor is the dark horse of the cardiac diagnostic market

AliveCor has been actively developing its solutions and relationships across the digital cardiac diagnosis space. Last month it announced a collaboration with Biotronik, the latest in a series of initiatives highlighting its eagerness to help shape clinical diagnostic pathways for cardiac patients.

Although not currently competing directly with other ambulatory or traditional diagnostic cardiology devices, AliveCor’s sophisticated approach to increasing awareness of its solution hasn’t gone unnoticed. Its solution is seen as a screening tool to enable earlier detection of atrial fibrillation and QT management, resulting in a quicker diagnosis than via traditional routes.

Recent developments and partnerships have also focused on integrating AliveCor’s solutions and the patient data generated with solutions from other vendors.

While vendors are aware of the developments from AliveCor, most believe that, for now at least, the solution will be supplementary to wider clinical diagnostic solutions available. In the short-term, the patient diagnosis pathway is expected to be enhanced rather than disrupted by solutions from vendors like AliveCor, Apple, Fitbit and Samsung.

Editorial: By combining data collected at home through a patient’s personal device with other cardiac diagnostic devices and data platfo rms, AliveCor has created a more holistic offering. It is expected that AliveCor will continue to develop its solutions and increase its capabilities through partnerships, keeping the rest of the diagnostic cardiology device market on tenterhooks, eager to learn what is coming next. This will only be further highlighted if reimbursement does expand and improve, both in the US, wh ich accounts for the bulk of the current market, and elsewhere.

Source: Signify Research Insight: AliveCor – Turning Up The Heat in Diagnostic Cardiology

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