This report is the 5th edition of our highly detailed, data-centric analysis of the world market for AI-based image analysis tools. An essential business planning tool to understand the current status and projected development of the market.

“The medical imaging AI market has bounced back from the Covid-19 pandemic as many countries return to business-as-usual. It has surged past its pre-pandemic levels, and AI now looks to ‘cross the chasm’ and become more widespread in radiology. The short-term drivers supporting growth include continued venture capital investment, especially in Asia, the continued wave of Class III NMPA approvals in China, and the emergence of new product solutions to support the adoption of medical imaging AI, such as AI platforms.

However, medical imaging AI vendors still face challenges, and recent market consolidation is evidence of this. Further consolidation is inevitable, and more acquisitions or exits will follow this year. To remain competitive medical imaging AI vendors must tackle the barriers that hold back this market from reaching its true potential. These include limited reimbursement, particularly beyond the US, and a lack of real-world studies showcasing the health-economic benefits and return-on-investment for using medical imaging AI. Additionally, vendors must deliver value to the radiologist beyond single image analysis point solutions.”

– Dr Sanjay M Parekh, Senior Analyst at Signify Research

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