This report is the 6th edition of our highly detailed, data-centric analysis of the world market for AI-based image analysis tools. An essential business planning tool to understand the current status and projected development of the market.

“Medical imaging AI is moving past the ‘hype’ to become a maturing market. Although regulatory approvals have sharply risen in recent years, and vendors are increasing their solution capabilities and expanding their product portfolio in response to growing competition, some barriers to adoption remain.

One of the most notable is the lack of reimbursement, especially beyond the US. Another is the last-mile challenges of deployment, integration, and orchestration of medical imaging AI solutions within the workflow. However, the recent explosion of AI platforms has looked to address this challenge.

As the medical imaging AI market looks to ‘cross the chasm’, consolidation is no doubt inevitable. However, vendors remain positive in their outlook for this market, and continue to evolve to remain commercially viable. Ultimately, this will enable healthcare providers to scale radiology AI offerings.”

– Ellie Baker, Market Analyst at Signify Research

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