This report is the 4th edition of our highly detailed, data-centric analysis of the world market for AI-based image analysis tools. An essential business planning tool to understand the current status and projected development of the market.

β€œThe impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected healthcare, and the global market for medical imaging AI is no exception. The medical imaging AI market remains nascent and short-term positive developments, such as the Centres for Medicare & Medicaid (CMS) in the USA approving reimbursement for stroke imaging AI, or the first wave of AI solutions receiving Class III NMPA approval in China, are unlikely to prompt a rebound in market growth. As the medical imaging AI market matures in the US, and grows rapidly in China, vendors will need to ensure their AI solution deliver value beyond image analysis, such as AI solutions that avoid missed-diagnoses (for example, identifying incidental findings from the primary study), AI solutions that alter the diagnostic pathway (for example, avoiding the need for biopsy), or AI solutions that improve treatment pathway (for example, reducing the turn-around-time to treat stroke patients). Ultimately, it is these solutions that are most likely to improve patient care and receive reimbursement.”

– Dr Sanjay M Parekh, Senior Analyst at Signify Research

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