SPI Medical Imaging: Balancing Act – Siemens MRI Investment Highlights Modality Vendors’ Changing Priorities

Publication Date: 17/06/2024

This year has already seen a flurry of activity in the MRI market. In the last few months, vendors have expanded their manufacturing capabilities, launched their latest systems, and released new software offerings. The big iron modalities are clearly a priority due to the attractive margins and growth opportunity these systems offer, and MRI appears to be taking centre stage on the back of a very strong 2023.

Notably, in early May Siemens Healthineers announced its $314 million investment in a new facility in North Oxfordshire, UK. The new site, one of six current and planned sites in the UK, will design and manufacture superconducting magnets for MRI. This move, alongside other recent announcements, highlights the differing approaches and priorities for vendors. As competition in the MRI sector increases, keeping these various considerations in balance will be no simple task.