Imaging IT & Archiving and Management IT World 2017 - Signify Research

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Imaging IT & Archiving and Management IT – World – 2017

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Report Description

Signify Research’s recently published market research report on the market for Imaging IT and Archiving & Management IT provides detailed market intelligence data, forecasts and insights for the complex medical imaging software and archiving market. The report includes detailed product coverage of:

  • Radiology IT (Standalone PACS, Standalone RIS, Enterprise Imaging for Radiology)
  • Cardiology IT (Standalone Cardiology IT, Enterprise Imaging for Cardiology)
  • Archiving and Management IT (Standalone VNA/ICA, Standalone Image Exchange)

Using tightly-defined reported data from numerous medical imaging IT and clinical content management IT vendors, Signify Research has developed a bottoms-up assessment of the market size, outlook and competitive market.

Furthermore, we have provided unique market revenue analysis to assess developments in product category, sales model and architecture. This includes:

  • New vs recurring revenue analysis (with data for software, service type and hardware)
  • Architecture analysis (On premise, Hybrid, Hosted)
  • Market revenue % by provider scale (Hospital 500+ beds, Hospital 100-500 beds, Hospital < 100 beds and Outpatient)

All the above analysis is provided per product area (e.g. Radiology, Cardiology, VNA/ICA and IE) in 23 country markets.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”3324″ img_size=”large”][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1499939343143{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}”]

Report Features


  • Extensive data on imaging IT and archiving software
  • Understand impact of enterprise imaging on market
  • New revenue versus recurring revenue breakdown


  • Country-level data by architecture type
  • Unique quantitative analysis of managed service revenue
  • Clear guidance on cloud adoption trends by product


  • Revenue market share estimates for all leading vendors
  • Sub-regional analysis by product
  • Focus on changing product portfolios of market vendors


  • Detailed discussion and data for new adoption models
  • Explanation of future role of imaging IT in CCM
  • Analysis of changing vendor strategy

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction, Scope & Methodology

Chapter 2 – Key Trends and Analysis

2.1 What is Clinical Content Management IT?
2.1.1 From Department to Enterprise
2.2 The Market Today
2.2.1 Most Common Implementations Today
2.2.2 Scale Will Define Design
2.2.3 Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers with CCM/Imaging IT
2.3 Key Influences on Imaging IT & CCM IT
2.3.1 Cloud IT in Healthcare
2.3.2 New Business Models
2.3.3 EMR as a Precursor to CCM IT
2.3.4 Agnostic Clinical Enterprise (ACE) Platforms
2.4 Global Market Trends
2.4.1 Radiology
2.4.2 Cardiology IT
2.4.3 Standalone VNA/ICA and Image Exchange

Chapter 3 – The Americas Market

3.0 North America
3.1 Market Summary and Insights—North America
3.1.1 Canada
3.1.2 USA
3.2 Latin America
3.3 Market Summary and Insights – Latin America

Chapter 4 – The EMEA Market

4.0 Western Europe
4.1 Market Summary and Insights – Western Europe
4.1.1 France
4.1.2 DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
4.1.3 Italy
4.1.4 Spain & Portugal
4.1.5 UK & Ireland
4.1.6 Nordics
4.1.7 Benelux
4.2 Eastern Europe, The Middle East & Africa
4.3 Market Summary – Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa
4.3.1 Middle East – Key Country Trends
4.3.2 Eastern Europe – Key Country Trends
4.3.3 Africa – Key Country Trends

Chapter 5 – The Asia Pacific Market

5.0 Asia Pacific
5.1 Market summary and insights– Mature Markets
5.1.1 Australia and New Zealand
5.1.2 Japan
5.1.3 Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong
5.2 Market Summary Insights–Emerging Markets
5.2.1 China
5.2.3 South East Asia, India, Indonesia and Philippines

Chapter 6 – The Competitive Environment

6.1 Competitive Market Estimates Introduction
6.2 Competitive Market Estimates – World
6.2.1 Radiology IT
6.2.2 Cardiology IT
6.2.3 VNA/ICA
6.2.4 Standalone Image Exchange

Appendix 1 – Research Method, Report Definitions and Scope

AP1.1 Introduction
AP1.2 Scope
AP1.2.1 Product scope & definitions
AP1.2.4 Geographic scope and definitions
AP1.2.3 Report Measures and definitions
AP1.3 Research Method
AP1.3.1 Information sources
AP1.3.2 Market sizing and forecast method
AP1.4 Exchange rates

Appendix 2 – Product List

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